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Online store & e-commerce

Having your shop online is a matter of course today. We help you build a simple or more de-eded online store. Tailored to your and your customers’ needs.

WooCommers & WordPress

With over 68 million downloads, WooCommerce is among the largest ecommerce platforms today. Why? Well, because they are so customizable and because it works so well with WordPress.

Whether you sell products or services, the best online shop today is a matter of course to make your business flourish. It is important to think about all parts in order to guide your customers to purchase.

Webbutik och E-handel Online store and e-commerce

Whether you have 10 products or thousands of products you want to sell in your online store, it is important to have a platform that you can trust. WooCommerce is one of the world’s largest e-commerce systems and is customizable in terms of looks and features. We have specialists in WooCommerce in our team who make sure that your webshop will be as you intended.

We are experts in finding solutions that suit your business

A few things to keep in mind when creating your store are:

Payment solutions

How your customers pay in your online store is super important. It can be tempting to use cheap options that are not so well known. But our experience is that customers turn around at checkout if it’s not easy enough and safe enough to pay.

There are a plethora of payment solutions online. Some offer funding, others don’t. We can help you choose an option that suits your business and then integrate this solution into your online store.

We've also worked on setting up stores in Quickbutik, Facebook, Instagram and Shopify.