Graphic Form & Graphic Profile

Does your company need help with logo, product design or create a graphic profile that stands for your brand?

Graphic form

It can be difficult to be objective about your own brand and see your business from a customer perspective. Whether you want to develop a new logo for your company, a graphic profile, have help with layout and / or develop printed matter, we can help you with this.

Graphic profile

Developing a graphic profile is not a secret hokus pokus. Simplicity and contuinity in fonts, heading levels and colors go a long way. You can achieve this with the help of our control dokumet that covers these pieces.

If you have a logo that you are happy with already today, the work often takes its starting point in terms of colors. Fonts are less relevant to pair with the logo. Rather, it is easier to make both the logo and the content visible and noticed if the content contrasts with each other.

We will send you proof that you can give feedback on. Usually it is enough with two rounds and an approval to reach the desired result but we of course work with the graphic profile until you feel completely satisfied.

This is what it looks like when we make a graphic profile:

You send us material (if you have a logo) We are working on and sending us a proposal. You send feedback We correct sending new feedback Final version You approve

Let us help your company with your look

Logo or text-based logo?

Whether you’re a startup or your business has been around for a long time, a stylish logo is incredibly important. The logo should reflect your company’s identity and tell you what your business is doing. It is the face of the company on the web, in ads, on clothes and other printed matter.

This is how we usually work:

First, we talk to you and look at your ideas about what the logo should look like. Then we outline a few different suggestions for what it might look like. You then choose the logo that you like best and that represents your company best. After that, we will continue to work on the logo until you feel completely satisfied. Then we hand it over in vectorized format so you can use the logo on whatever you want, no matter how big or how small it should be.
If you want, we will be happy to help you develop a couple of different options on your new logo so that you can customize it in different contexts. For example, different shapes or colors.


Text-based logo or a logo with a symbol?

No alternative is really better than the other. We’ll bring out what’s wanted. Some like to have only one text-based logo while others want a symbol. Sometimes text fits better while sometimes the logo should stand for something more creative with just one letter in the logo.