Webpage buisness

Nordic Webstudio is a small, nice web studio with a focus on good customer relationships!

We think a good web studio should be friendly, unpretentious and honest. That’s why we at Nordic Webstudio have clear and fixed prices, we always work solution-oriented, fast and we focus on creating long-lasting, comradely relationships with our customers.

Who is Nordic webstudio?

We who work here in the studio are Alexandra and Joakim Lith. Together from our web studio on the Costa Del Sol in Spain, we deliver package solutions, advice or individual services to different sizes and industries.

When we work, we always start from you and your target group and its needs in order to create solutions that work.

At Nordic webstudio, we work almost exclusively with various CMS systems and webshop systems, but most often with the world’s most used publishing system – WordPress. We like WordPress because there are virtually unlimited possibilities, while it is easy for you as a customer to administer the site yourself.

Joakim och Alexandra Lith på nordic webstudio

Joakim Lith

Web development

I’m training to be a web developer. My favorite part of working with the web is technology and problem solving. I have extensive experience in programming and web development and am passionate about helping entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs tailor and find solutions that suit that particular company.

Email me at joakim@nordicwebstudio.com

Alexandra Lith

Project managment, web development, grapic design & marketing

I have a university degree in frontend content manager design, graphic design and marketing. I have extensive experience working with the web and building websites. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a bespoke creative solution whether it is with a logo, product design or a website. The best I know is to be able to create and design together with my customers.

Email me at alexandra@nordicwebstudio.com